Welcome to the Narrowboat Experience

Anna and Kath out on the boat

Hello and welcome!

You have come to home page for The Narrowboat Experience. We are Annamarie and Kath, two wives, who with our two cats Munchkin and Alice, live on our 57ft Narrowboat. We continually cruise the UK inland waterways whilst running our own business – Art By Annamarie.

Living on a narrowboat

Cats on the narrowboat

We moved on board our first narrowboat in October 2016 – much to the disgust of the two most spoilt cats in the world. Saying that, they are happy to be wherever we are. This includes them chasing us down the street or towpath shouting when we go out without them!

So far, we all love living on a narrowboat. We have no plans to move back to a more traditional land based accommodation any time soon. In April 2018 we left our residential mooring to become continuous cruisers. It took us two years to prepare for this adventure but so far we are loving the new lifestyle!

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We run two successful YouTube Channels – The Narrowboat Experience and Art By Annamarie. We post videos on The Narrowboat Experience once a week – these can be anything from renovations or boat maintenance to cruising the canal or exploring areas we visit.

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