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We decided to start a YouTube channel when we were in the early stages of shopping for our narrowboat. The primary reason was that we found it really hard to find out the information we wanted and there were so few others sharing their journey. Of course, now there are many others sharing their very own Narrowboat Experiences all over YouTube (check out the links page for a list).
The plan was to be informative and helpful. But I think we ended up straddling the line of barely competent and mildly entertaining.
It did kind of give birth to our motto “if we can do it anyone can.


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We also occasionally post links to things (like the Simba mattress or stuff on Amazon). If you are going to buy these things anyway please use our links. Any purchases made give us a small percentage at no extra cost to you. And also gives us the impression that we are being useful!


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Pop over to Anna’s art shop

We recently made the decision to slowly close down the Etsy site and run our own shop and website. This coincided with the launch of Anna’s separate YouTube channel all about art.

In the shop we have a range of items including Narrowboat Experience merchandise, wall plaques, cards, beautiful high quality A4 prints and of course the original watercolour paintings. Please click over and take a look.


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We thought long and hard about this one. But we set up the page anyway and were so grateful and happy when some very kind people clicked over and signed up.

Patreon’s get access to some extra content and will get the “inside scoop” on our upcoming plans. And maybe even an input to help us shape the channel in the future as it grows.

Any donations from Patreon go towards helping us improve the safety on the boat as well as upgrade equipment and improve the video content. Our goal is to be able to produce more videos and we will be able to do this as the support grows.