The Narrowboat Experience Crew

Who are “The Narrowboat Experience”? Want to know more about The Narrowboat Experience Crew? Check out the profiles below

Kath from The Narrowboat Experience


Boat Captain

Originally from South Wales, Kath never dreamed she would get to be in charge of anything. She’s still not. Unless you count EVERYTHING!

Anna from The Narrowboat Experience


Artist and Boat Wife

From Sydney, New South Wales, Annamarie is a long way from where she grew up.
Annamarie wears many hats on the boat and often complains that she gets all the sh*t jobs – which is true because she’s in charge of the toilet!
In her spare time, Annamarie loves to paint.

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Alice from The Narrowboat Experience


Boss Cat

Alice, also from South Wales (although you’d never tell from her accent), thinks that she is in charge of all the humans. It’s a big burden but she’s up to the job. If only she had opposable thumbs – then it would all be over!

Munchkin from The Narrowboat Experience


The other cat

Munchy likes to sleep and eat and torment his sister. He knows she has a stressful role to play so is always on hand to give her a supportive bite when needed.

What is your previous boating experience?

Kath went on her first canal holiday when she was 13 or 14. And loved it straight away. She was lucky enough to have several other holiday’s after that.

When we were first married, Annamarie wanted a holiday in the sun so Kath booked a narrowboat. It was cold, rained a lot, and we went home at the end of the week wanting a rest. But we both loved it and like a lot of people do, started talking about getting our own boat.

The cat’s first time on a boat was during our first renovation project – it was a new place, it smelt funny, it was cold and noisy (we were replacing the bed) – they kept us awake all night to explain to us that we had gone mad and that everything was wrong. However, they soon fell in love with boating when they found out about the countryside.

Why do you live on a boat?

Basically – we love it!

We have worked hard to build a successful business that is able to support us as we continually travel the UK inland waterways.