Canal Boat Experience

Canal Boat Experience

Do you want to get out on the water for a canal boat experience without the pressure of owning your own narrowboat? Read on to find out some options available to you.


Day hire

There are companies around the UK that run a day hire business. This means that you get to take out a narrowboat by yourself for the day. You will be responsible for crewing and “driving” the boat.


Holiday Hire

If you wish to have a longer experience than just one day, then holiday rental is an option for you. There are lots of hire boat companies throughout the UK that will let you take a boat out. Commonly rentals are for a weekend, mid-week or full week. Longer hires are available and sometimes firms will offer a discounted rate on the second week.


Canal Boat trip

If you want the pleasure of a short trip on the canal without the pressure of having to steer a boat, then a short canal boat trip might be the thing for you.

These often run at Canal and River Trust open days as well as at a number of permanent  locations throughout the UK.


Hotel Boat

If you want a canal holiday but don’t feel confident about doing all the work yourself, then you can book onto a Hotel Boat. These run throughout the UK and usually having a cruising schedule. This means that the week that you book in will determine the area of the network you get to see.

Generally, the Hotel Boat will provide you with meals for the duration of your holiday – like a floating B&B. There will be a crew onboard to do the driving, locks and catering, although often they will let you help with the locks if you want to get more involved.