What to wear when cruising in colder weather

This week on YouTube, we share with you some of our thoughts on suitable clothing for cruising in spring.

We have recently made a trip to a “designer outlet village” so have stocked up on some outdoor wear on the cheap.

Our suggestions include:

  • layers
  • jumpers
  • thin trousers that dry quickly when wet
  • thermal base layer
  • heat saver gloves
  • waterproof trousers
  • welly boots
  • walking shoes
  • wooly socks

This is obviously based on our experiences of cruising last easter back when we first had the boat. At that time, it was cold, windy and rained quite a bit.

The weather for this spring so far seems much more like summer. So probably it will be OK to wear fewer layers. But always a good idea to prepare just in case the wind changes! It is the UK after all!!


Is it cold on a narrowboat in winter?


Since we moved on the boat in October, I expected to get lots of questions about toilets. However, it seems that “land dwellers” don’t really care to talk about toilets as much as boaters do… They do like to ask about the temperature. It must be the time of year…

Last week, there was snow. Unfortunately not enough to settle anywhere but on the tops of cars (so no photo opportunities) but there was snow all the same. And the favourite topic of my work colleagues – how cold I am!

The day that I went in with tall tales of having to hair-dryer our way out of the boat in the early hours (yes ‘hair-dryer’ is now a verb on the boat), including a slightly dangerous shimmy along the gunwales in the pitch black trying not to slip on the ice, they were filled with glee.

So, ‘is it cold on the narrowboat in winter?’ – well, not really; not when the fire is roaring. Which it is most of the time that we are on board.

I will say that I didn’t truly know what cold was before moving onto the boat. That awful first 30 minutes when you get home from work and the cats inform you that the fire has long since burnt out, backed up by the boat thermometer  showing under 5 degrees. The cats are always extra puffy when we get home. They soon return to normal thanks to our recent discovery of the heat log, probably around the time that we finally shed our outdoor coats!