Splashwall installation on a narrowboat

This week we share with you the process of installing Splashwall into a narrowboat bathroom.

We chose Splashwall as an alternative to tiling because we thought it would be quicker and easier to install. Also, it would leave less room for leaking due to fewer joins than in a tiled wall.

We purchased a Splashwall installation kit from B&Q. This meant that we got the wall adhesive, silicone, mounting strip and silver trim included in a pack.

The Splashwall panelling is made with a high pressure laminate on a robust timber backing (MDF) and is 11mm thick. It comes in giant sheets – 1.2 x 2.4m which makes it really hard to cut in a narrowboat. It is also really heavy and hard to move single handed.

However, once we had measured and cut the Splashwall panels, the installation process was very simple. We also had some spare panel left over for other uses.

Bathroom Renovation – Part 3

We are still working on the bathroom. Its a long and slow job.

This week we get the shower fully installed, including a new shelving area, remove the old wash basin and replace it with a washing machine.

As the interior doors on our narrowboat are not very wide, we purchased a narrow washing machine instead of a standard one. The machine measures H85 x W59.5 x D42.4cm (a standard size is about H85 x W60 x D56) and will do a maximum 6KG wash.

Bathroom – a work in progress

This week we share with you our slow progress with the bathroom renovation on the narrowboat.

To start off, we share some of the planning that we have done, including Kath’s scale model and diagram.