Black Country Boating Festival 2018

After re-creating the 1979 hire boat holiday which took us to the Ashby Canal, we decided to head to the Black Country Boating Festival. This is hosted every year on the Dudley No 2 Canal in Netherton. Not only was this to be our first festival, it was also our first time trading from the boat.

We were at Hinkley when we made the decision to head to the Black Country. Canal Plan indicated that we could complete the journey in 5 days but we decided to allow ourselves 12. This would give us flexibility around when we moved, meaning we would also be able to stay on top of our work commitments. Naturally, Annamarie thought this the ideal opportunity to create a new daily vlog series!

Journey Statistics

We were moored opposite Trinity Marina, Hinkley which is located on the Ashby Canal. The journey from here to Windmill End Junction on the Dudley No 2 canal is approximately 50 miles.

This involved passing through a total of 51 narrow locks, of which 28 need to be completed in a single day due to lack of mooring opportunities. There were also 4 tunnels to navigate:

  • Curdworth Tunnel;
  • Factory Tunnel;
  • Galton Tunnel;
  • Netherton Tunnel.

Interestingly, the journey also included a total of 5 different canals:

  • Ashby Canal;
  • Coventry Canal;
  • Birmingham and Fazeley Canal;
  • Birmingham Canal Navigations Main Line;
  • Dudley No 2 Canal.

Black Country Boating Festival

We arrived at the festival site a few days before the weekend. 

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