1979 – Back On Track – Day 4

The bonus catchup day was really good to help us get back on track with the diary from 1979. Join us in Day 4 as we disregard the diary completely and do whatever we want!

1979 – Bonus catchup day – Day 3b

With every failure comes a bonus catchup day! We started day 3 an hour behind and we ended it before lunchtime in 1979. This left us half a day behind those speedy hire boaters! Can we get back on track?

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1979 Canal Holiday Failure – Day 3

We found day 2 hard going due to the heat so we took the decision to moor up well before the target overnight mooring spot. This meant we were already starting day 3 at a disadvantage. But we were optimistic – surely […]

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1979 Cruising Adventure – Day 2

Day two of our 1979 cruising adventure was always going to be a long one. It was the first full day of hire boating. However, back in May 1979, it was not boating weather, which impacted the cruising schedule slightly. Fast forward […]

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