The Aylesbury Arm

There is more to living on a narrowboat than spending time on the canals. To share this with you, we have started a new series of vlogs – “Through The Hedge” – starting with the Aylesbury Arm.

Aylesbury Arm

When travelling on the Grand Union canal, there are several different arms for you to explore. In the Buckinghamshire area, there are two – the Wendover Arm and the Aylesbury Arm. The Aylesbury arm breaks off from the main line of the canal and takes you, via 16 locks, to Aylesbury Basin.

We aren’t here to talk about the canal this time – instead what is there to see if you get off the boat? Through the hedge if you will.


Just before the basin, there is a visitor mooring along a new section of gravel towpath. Through the hedge is a reasonably sized Tesco supermarket. It is very handy to moor up here for 14 days and treat the supermarket as an extension of your kitchen.

A short walk (or narrowboat trip) down the towpath will take you to the basin. Here there is a Waitrose supermarket and boater facilities. Also a very nice winding area for turning the boat.

Venturing off the towpath completely will take you to Aylesbury town centre. Here there are a number of shops – mainly selling goods for charity on the high street. There was also a Marks and Spencer clothing store and most importantly for us, a Post Office! In the shopping centre, there were more shops and a nice little cafe where we enjoyed a tea (and coffee) with a new friend.


aylesbury arm-walk-map

On the way back up the Aylesbury Arm (or indeed on your way down), you can literally go through the hedge and take a lovely walk along a public footpath. The path is between lock 10 and 11. The walk roughly follows the red line in the map below – VERY ROUGHLY. When you are on the walk, its quite obvious which path to follow.

It takes you to Wiltstone Reservoir (not the reservoirs at Marsworth as we had assumed). This is a lovely place to visit and has a little hut for bird watching.

From here, you can walk to the Wendover Arm of the canal if you are interested in a long walk. This will give you an opportunity to see the non navigable section of the Wendover Arm if you are interested.


There is a pub part way down the Aylesbury Arm. We didn’t go in it so can’t give you any helpful information other than its name – The Half Moon.

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  1. What a brilliant and informative addition – loved it.
    We can imagine the pair of you exploring “debating?” where you are going and where it ends 🙂
    keep up the brilliant entertainment – we love you
    All the best
    Sue & Dave

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