Stolen Message In A Bottle

‘She said yes!’

A little while ago the loveliest email came to our inbox. It contained a thank you and a request. We took that thank you and it did make us feel all warm and fuzzy inside and therefore we agreed to the request.

It has been a difficult request to fulfil, it took planning and then we had to wait for a sunny day and originally we had wanted to be moving the boat to accommodate the request. In the end we had to fulfil our part of the plan as best we could with what we had. An empty bottle of wine (Moscato if you must know) an elegant ribbon (left over from a leaving present) and the most beautiful thoughtful proposal letter that we’ve ever read.

We played our part well- I think. Despite the tears we hope the sentiment of the original owner was conveyed correctly. Maybe we planned our part too well- weathering some comments on youtube that suggested that maybe we had ruined someone’s big moment.
However, we are happy to announce to you all that the plan succeeded and there are two very loved up young ladies about to embark on a wonderful new chapter together! Congratulations you two and thank you for letting us play our parts- we are honoured.


One thought on “Stolen Message In A Bottle

  1. I had to reply such a beautiful thing you both did so happy for the couple and as for you both I wish you a very happy life together x

  2. Hi Ladies
    Do yourselves a favour ,
    On the cycle locks that you have bought give them a good dose of oil and work it into the locks using the key,
    clean engine oil will suffice.

  3. (One of) the comments that you weathered was from me. I totally bought the idea that you’d taken someone’s letter in a bottle and put it back a few hours later — and was worried they may have missed it. Never occurred to me that it could have been a set up that you’d done as a favour. So I’m very sorry that I’ve written something that upset you. Glad it turned out well.

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