Simba Mattress Review

We purchased a Simba Mattress and have been using it for 18 months now. We did an unboxing video when it arrived and a review after we had been using it for a while. It is now time for an updated Simba Mattress Review.

Why the Simba Mattress

We bought the Simba for three reasons.

  1. It came in a box rolled up so was easy to get onto the boat
  2. They did flexible shipping and it would come quickly AND on a Saturday
  3. We watched some videos and it looked like a quality product.

Simba mainly sell online. I believe that they are also available from John Lewis too. It’s a big leap of faith to buy something as important as a mattress without ever testing it out. Especially when you are going to spend a lot of money on it. Simba do a good job of getting around this by offering a 100 day trial period and say that if you don’t like it, you get in touch and they will come and take it away then give you your money back.

The technology

There are 5 layers to the Simba Hybrid mattress. The important bits are the base, the memory foam, the “symbatex” and the pocket springs.

The mattress is designed to offer support and comfort – which is important for a mattress.

What do we think

The mattress is definitely comfortable and we both feel supported. It is worth noting that we have our mattress on a solid MDF board, not slats.

Unlike other mattresses, you don’t really notice when the other person is moving around.

It seems to be equally as comfortable when sleeping on your back or your side.

It feels solid and well made. This is compared to a cheap foam mattress that it replaced, but the old mattress was a fifth of the cost, so I would expect more anyway. I would say it was a medium hard-ness – I feel like Goldilocks saying it’s not too soft or too hard, its just right. But that’s how I feel!

There isn’t much more to say about a mattress. We like it, its comfortable and we sleep well on it.

How has it lasted

In the 18 months that we’ve had the Simba Mattress, we have moved it quite a few times. This is because under our bed is a storage area that we need to access. The mattress gets pulled off the bed and tilted against the wall. We haven’t turned it around to even the wear or anything like that.

The soft cover of the mattress has got quite bobbly. We noticed this within the first 100 days but it is likely because we aren’t using a mattress protector between our bedsheet and the mattress. There isn’t an damage as such. There is some discolouration in patches. We aren’t sure why. It could be because of the moisture that is generated when we are asleep and a restricted airflow under the mattress – this is more down to the design of our bed than a flaw in the design of the product itself.

A previous mattress that we owned that was a similar price started to develop dips where we slept in a similar time frame. This is not something that I have noticed with the Simba. Which is great because its still comfortable to sleep in the middle of the bed on those rare times you have it to yourself!

Do you have a Simba Mattress? Let us know in the comments about your experiences with the product.

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