Coffee Logs Review

Coffee Logs are a unique new fuel manufactured in Cambridgeshire from recycled coffee grounds. We were really interested to try the Coffee Logs so reached out to Bio Bean. They provided us with two sample packs in return for a review on our YouTube channel.


About Coffee Logs

Burning Coffee LogsThey are marketed as ideal for woodburners, stoves, open fires and chimineas. They are made from recycled coffee grounds at the world’s first coffee recycling factory. Bio-bean process thousands of tonnes of waste coffee grounds each year from cafes all over the UK. This diverts waste away from landfill and cuts emissions.

As coffee contains a lot of energy, they burn hotter and for longer than wood. This makes them a great fuel to heat your home while helping the planet.


Coffee Logs – the test

We tried a few tests with the Coffee Logs. The first was to see how easy they were to light and how quick they heated up the stove. To get started, we burnt a single log to get an idea of the burn time. We also followed the recommendations and burnt three logs to compare the heat and burn time.

If you want to try the Coffee Logs for yourself, check them out on Amazon. They are sold in other places too. A full list of stockists is available on the Bio-Bean website.

For more detail, check out the vlog on YouTube.


Our final thoughts

Overall, we liked the Coffee Logs. They were really easy to light and were quick to heat up. They were also very clean and low mess. The packaging that the logs come in is strong paper so this is burnable as well – meaning nothing from the package went to land fill. Of course, this could also have been recycled.

Coffee Logs cost £10 for a pack of 16 logs. If you burnt three at a time, then one bag would give you about 11 hours of heat. We did find that it got too hot when we burnt 3 logs (and it was only 2 degrees centigrade outside) so some experimentation is required to get the right mix for you. There are deals to be had (like on Amazon – 2 bags for £16) which brings down the cost a little bit.

As a replacement for coal, they don’t work at all because a log will burn out in 2 hours. However, for a quick burst of heat to get the stove going, they definitely work well. How the coffee log compares to just burning wood, we can’t comment as we haven’t burnt wood in our multi-fuel stove.


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One thought on “Coffee Logs Review

  1. I’ve found them at a couple of other places for a much better price than Amazon – only £7.99 on Ocado (and on a 3 for 2 deal) and £6.99 at Morrisons!

  2. Have you tried bracken “brackettes”? A similar concept to the coffee logs, bit made from dried bracken (an invasive plant that nothing eats). I did and didn’t have much success, but that’s probably due to my lacklustre firelighting skills.

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