Kitchen space savers

In this post, I wanted to talk about kitchen space savers. The items that I picked are generally multi-purpose or smaller than other alternative items.

I love cooking so spend more time in the kitchen than Anna. It’s really important when cooking in a small space like our kitchen that the items that you need are easy to get to. If they aren’t, then it makes cooking a lot less fun! We’ve only had some of these kitchen space savers a few weeks but already they have proved themselves to be very useful.

Multi-purpose dispenser

Dispenser - kitchen space saversWe have a wall mounted foil, cling film and kitchen roll dispenser (Amazon link). It fits neatly in a space next to the window that otherwise would be unused. Previously, I had attached some hooks to the wall and threaded string through the rolls. This didn’t really work because the boxes degraded over time and it was often difficult to cut off pieces of cling film. The kitchen roll was always on the counter taking up valuable space. The device also has concealed cutting blades for cutting the foil and cling film. These can be a little fiddly to use at first but when you are used to them, are much better than the sharp cerated edge on a cardboard box (especially when the box is broken!).

Overall, I’m really pleased with this item – it looks tidy, is easy to use and gives us back a little counter top space. It scored for being a kitchen space saver AND multi-purpose!


Utensil Hanging rail

Hanging rail - kitchen space saversThe boat came with a really useful utensil hanging rail fitted under one of the kitchen cupboards. However, it was a bit rusty and greasy from years of cooking (I assume). Also, I found that I had more utensils than hooks!

To replace it, we got a longer stainless steel hanging rail (Amazon link). This rail is longer and has more hooks – meaning everything I need is right on hand when I’m cooking.

There isn’t much I say about a utensil rail – it does the job it needed to do and was easy to install. I love it.


Collapsible washing up bowl

Collapsible washing up bowl - kitchen space saversThere are lots of collapsible products out there – great for small space living or camping. The newest addition to our personal collection is as washing up bowl. (We bought ours in a shop – but here is an Amazon link). Other items we have include a colander and a washing / laundry basket. So lots of great similar kitchen space savers available!

The bowl is great because it takes up less space if we need to store it away from the sink. Which we do on occasion because Anna hates washing up bowls!!

These bowls also come in lots of different colours to suit your own colour scheme. The shop that we purchased from only had grey (but we like grey so that was good for us).

Its a great little bowl – fits neatly in the sink or in the storage gap we have available. I believe it is also possible to get round bowls if you have a circular sink instead of a rectangle.


Dyson V6 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson - kitchen space saversWe’ve had the Dyson V6 since we moved on board. It was purchased to replace an upright Dyson vacuum cleaner which we couldn’t find space to store on board (our old one now lives with my Mum). I guess it’s not technically a kitchen space saver, but we keep ours in the kitchen so included it anyway!

The Dyson seems to be a little more expensive than I think it was when we bought it but here is an Amazon link. There are sometimes deals with other retailers such as money off when you exchange your old vacuum so I think its definitely worth holding out!

There are of course other cordless vacuums available to buy. We used to have a Black and Decker but found it to be a far inferior product – it lost suction when the battery wasn’t 100%.

The Dyson V6 takes a few hours to charge. We’ve charged it when running the inverter when we’ve been out cruising as well as off shore power. The battery lasts about 20 minutes on the higher suction setting which conveniently is about enough time to vacuum the whole inside of the narrowboat!


Sugru hooks for saucepan lids

Sugru Pan Lid - kitchen space savers There are lots and lots of uses for Sugru. We love the product. If you haven’t heard of it before Sugru is a mouldable glue. It’s great for fixing things so you can extend their life instead of buying new. Due to the formula used, it will withhold a variation of temperatures and is waterproof – we used it to repair the handle of our kettle. And to fix a headphone cable that the cats chewed through.

This post is about kitchen space savers – so enough about how great Sugru is. In this instance, we used it to make hooks on the inside of the kitchen cupboards to hook our pan lids onto. This means that the pan lids are easy to grab when you need them (which is all the time otherwise there is loads of condensation when cooking).

Sugru is available to buy world wide from their website. Also from Amazon and I’ve seen it in other high street stores.

Sign up to the Sugru community and get 10% off your first order.


More space saving?

Check out the post we did last year on some different space saving ideas, including more kitchen space savers.

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  1. I’d never heard of Sugru before and ended up down the rabbit hole of YouTube and website ‘how to’s and now I’m convinced this stuff is *almost* the best thing since the invention of the Breville toaster-oven. How did I not know of this product!? I spent a good half hour wandering around my apartment wondering what I could use it on. Can’t think of anything at the moment but that didn’t stop me from buying a multicoloured pack. When inspiration or need hits, I will be ready!

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