Exciting Announcement

Happy new year everyone! 2018 is well and truly underway already. We are a bit slow getting started this year due to illness but we are on the mend now and raring to go!

That said, we made an exciting (for us) announcement on YouTube yesterday.

If you want to see it, click over to watch now.

Exciting Announcement

I am of course going to talk about it here too. Basically the plan is to give up our permanent residential mooring in London. We are working towards a July departure date at the moment. The aim will be to finish some work on the boat, make sure we have the essentials on board and then start continuously cruising the canal network of the UK.

To be honest with you, the whole reason that we bought the boat in the first place was to travel. Albeit at walking pace and only on the canal but to travel all the same. We’ve had the narrowboat now for almost 2 years and pretty much everything that we have done in those 2 years has been to work towards this goal.

We love moving and exploring. When we get moving you can expect to see far more regular updates on the blog, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Oh and of course YouTube. We will share all kinds of things with you guys. Including places near the canal to visit, tips on earning money while traveling, budget cooking and not forgetting lots of cruising. How could I forget…. cats, cats and more cats.


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