Snow in London

Snow in London!

December 2017 we had our first snow as live aboard narrowboaters. Also, it was the first time the cats had seen snow.

We put together a short YouTube video to show the snow in London and the cats reaction. Check it out below.


It snowed quite heavily for several hours and we ended up with a covering of about an inch. It was very unexpected (partly because we never check the weather forecast) as it never snows in London.

The cats, who are about 3.5 years old, had never seen snow before. They are very cautious creatures, preferring to stay inside when it is raining or really cold outside. I suppose it should have been no surprise that they didn’t want to venture out in the snow.

Munchy made it as far as the pontoon after getting a little push out the door. He must have been outside for all of a minute before rushing back in. Alice stayed in bed all day pretending that nothing was happening.

The human crew also chose to stay indoors that day. The fire was roaring and the boat was lovely and warm. We talked about going for a walk but as everyone knows, the snow is nicer to look at than walk in. Especially after everyone else has walked on it and made the ground all slushy and brown.

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