Hints and Tips for Life with Your Feet Under Water

hints and tips for life with your feet under waterHints and Tips for Life with Your Feet Under Water written by Roger Distill.

Hints and tips for life with your feet under water, a book filled with plenty of tips to make your life easier. The author, Roger Distill, draws on his own experiences following 5+ years as a liveaboard boater. I wish I’d read it before we started our very own “Narrowboat Experience”. Maybe we would have been more prepared.

The book starts as we often start our vlogs – with the disclaimer that we are not experts, these are just based on our own experiences. Always worth adding 😉


It’s target audience is narrowboat newbies. I don’t think of myself like that as much these days (we’ve had the boat nearly 2 years now) but I love my narrowboat and learning new things so thought it a perfect book.

I must admit that some of the things were new to me. Some were things that would have been new to me a year ago. Some points would probably never have crossed my mind…

The book covers all key points – hardware, software and safety – and in my opinion is a helpful source of information for any novice boater. It helps that it is an easy read – written in a somewhat conversational tone. Also it’s not unnecessarily wordy or long (so I’m sure it could even keep the attention of a non reader like Anna). It contains a lot of information all in one place and could save hours of hunting for the same online.

This is my first review of a book in a long time, so I’m not sure how to end. Perhaps with a recommendation to boaters old and new to get a copy if they can – because there is something in there for everyone (you don’t know what you don’t know). And now I’m off to look for some extra mooring pins… 😉

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Oh, and here is the link to the book (its the picture below):

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