5 space saving items

This week on YouTube, we share with you 5 things that we think are great for space saving on the narrowboat.

The items that we talked about are listed below. The image is a link to the product (or a similar one) on Amazon. If you are interested in any of the products, we would appreciate if you clicked our links because it means we get a small commission.


The AeroPress is a simple device and a great alternative to a mains powered coffee machine.

This device is really simple to use – simply put a filter paper in the bottom, attach the filter to the funnel, put your coffee in then pour on the hot water.




Shelf Extender

The shelf extender is great for making the most of the work surface in the kitchen. We were also thinking of getting something similar to help organise the insides of the kitchen cupboards.

The one pictured here isn’t the one that we have – we got ours from TK Max…




These Tefal Ingenio pans were one of my favourite presents this Christmas (thanks Mum!).

In the pack that we got, there were 3 pans of different sizes that fit neatly in each other (like Russian dolls), 3 pan lids and 1 handle. These are great at space saving because they take up far less room than saucepans with handles.

You can also get fridge lids, a frying pan and a wok in the same range.

The cupboard is a lot tidier now and it’s actually easier to cook without the handles getting in the way.



Collapsible Laundry Basket

 Another great Christmas present – the collapsible laundry basket.

This is great as it takes up much less room in the cupboard whilst still holding a full load of washing when you are in the laundry. Fully functional and space saving!



Microfibre towels

I was slightly sceptical about the towel when Anna first got it for me.

However, since using them, I’m a big convert. In fact, we got rid of all our traditional bath towels (other than the spare that we kept as a cat swimming towel!). We have them in two different sizes – the giant one for bodies and the smallest one for hair.

They take up a fraction of the space for storage and dry really quickly when they are washed or used for drying. I’m told that they are also great for taking to the gym…


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